AirPod trend, not necessarily trending at East


AirPods are taking this world — and others — by storm.

William Ramos and Adrian Gallegos

Ever heard of AirPods? These wireless Bluetooth headphones are taking the world by a storm, and it seems that a lot of teens at Morton East are trying to keep up with the trend even though they are overpriced.

We surveyed 100 Morton East students and only 26 of the students own AirPods — and most of the teens that did not own AirPods said they are useless and overpriced.

“I can buy them but personally I do not want to spend the money on that when I can buy better quality headphones,” senior Fidel Montoya said.

Fidel seems to be a money saver and doesn’t see himself buying AirPods anytime soon.

“I just simply do not want them because I hate apple and I have an android,” senior Albert Lazaro said.

This is a big problem with android users they cannot get AirPods because it is apple.

“AirPods are very convenient and come in handy when I am at school, now wire feels much better, money wise it was not a problem because I had saved up for them,” senior Eddie Arias said.

People that want AirPods seemed to have to save up for these because the price is so high on these devices.

“I got AirPods as a gift but personally if I were to buy them I wouldn’t, simply because of the price, almost 200$ for headphones without a wire. To me they sound exactly the same as the wired ones,” senior Dominic Nixon said.

As Christmas approached, many received these as gifts, so many did not have to buy these on their own.

So, in conclusion, less than half of the 100 students have AirPods and most of the other teens think that they are a waste of money or simply just not worth the price. Therefore, would you consider buying yourself a pair? You decide.