Morton East students support legalization of marijuana

The majority of Morton East students support the legalization of Marijuana (recreationally) in the state of Illinois. 

In a random survey of 100 people, 76 said that they support the legalization of Marijuana while 24 said they oppose the legalization of Marijuana. According to, a whopping 62% of Americans were found to support the legalization of marijuana. Just recently, our neighboring state, Michigan, legalized marijuana recreationally and it’s the first Midwestern state to completely legalize marijuana. We could be the next Midwestern state to legalize marijuana. According to, recreational marijuana can be expected to bring in an outstanding 525 MILLION dollars of tax revenue. This huge revenue can vastly diminish the Illinois budget crisis. For example, there was a question in the ballot that asked if cook county should use the tax revenue from marijuana to be spent on school. 

Here are some opinions from people we interviewed from Morton East High School.  

“I think marijuana helps medically and for a better sleep and for insomnia,” said Melanie Martinez. 

Morton East high school’s security guard also had very similar opinions on Marijuana as Melanie did. 

“Yeah, it’s not good recreationally. Only medicinal,” said security guard Teresa. 

Some people, just as Melanie and Teresa, believe cannabis has medicinal properties and can be used medicinally. However, there are also people who are strongly against marijuana, in both medicinally and recreationally. 

“I’m against it. It’s bad for you. People forget. I have friends that forget what they’re supposed to do while high,” Morton East security guard Christian said.