Does LAC serve a purpose?

Aaron Fajardo and Pedro Zuniga

Does LAC serve a purpose for students?

Most students that are in the learning adjustment center — better known as LAC — have broken rules during that day; the majority were not assigned the day before as a consequence.  LAC is usually for students who missed Saturday detention, come tardy to school, or missed regular detention after school. On average there are usually around 15 t0 20 students in LAC a day.  Some teachers believe that putting students in LAC would be a turning point for some kids and other kids would need counseling or discussion. 

“I think for some kids it might be a deterrent, and for the kids who are usually there (repeatedly), they might need more counseling or more discussion on why they are there,” said Morton East teacher Mr. Jonathan Depke.  

Are there possible interventions that might work better to modify student behavior?

“I think there are.  I think we need resources, and we just don’t have that…for those students who LAC isn’t effective,” said Morton East assistant principal Randall Borgardt. 

LAC might be the turning point for some students to improve behavior.  Of course, it doesn’t work for all, and school administration is aware of this.

“There are better alternatives to LAC; we just need more human resources and more staff to help the students who LAC doesn’t work for,” said Morton East assistant principal Randall Borgardt.