Do you date within your age range?

Jacqueline Robles, Anthony Figueroa, Stephanie Ortega, and Adan Ortiz

Most students (and staff for that matter) would like to date someone who is within five years of their age.  Dating older or younger becomes problematic.  

In a random survey of 104 students, 57 percent of the students said that they would rather date someone within five years of their age. There were 5 students who said that 10 years was okay, and about 9 students that 20 years was okay to date older people. According to the Illinois Age of Consent article, it states that when teenagers begin to date, they usually meet at school and are often the same age. Also, some teens might meet people from work and other people in the community and they would sometimes date older men or women.  

“Keep it to 5 years,” teacher Mr. B said.  

The second most popular answer was the option of other.  

“I chose other because I would rather date someone 2 years older than me,” senior Israel Saucedo said.  

The third most popular answer was the option of 20 years older. 

“I chose between 20 to 30 years older because as long as it legal then its okay,” principal Jose Gamboa jokingly said.