Tight versus loose jeans: split decision based on gender

Tight versus loose jeans:  split decision based on gender

Erika Castro and Destiny Barrera

In Morton East, students prefer loose jeans over tight jeans – but it’s almost a split decision.  

Out of 120 students randomly surveyed, 66 prefer loose-fitting jeans while 54 prefer tight-fitting jeans. The numbers were very close to being tied.  Our survey shows that guys prefer loose, but if we were talking about girls, we know the answer:  girls would prefer tight jeans obviously. The 54 students that prefer tight are most likely following the fashion of Wiz Khalifa, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West; they all made skinny jeans popular.  

“I like tight jeans because since I’m tall and skinny I don’t like being loose around my legs,” Victor Alcala said.  

There’s a time when you feel like wearing tight jeans and then there are times when you feel like wearing loose jeans. So, it just depends on how you feel or how you like dressing.  

“I like wearing loose jeans because when I put on my shoes it doesn’t look weird as tight jeans would,” Aron Garcia said. 

When people are choosing their outfit, shoes are a big part of the outfit because the shoes are the ones that bring everything together. If you wear loose jeans you could either cover your shoe unlike with tight jeans your shoes show more.  

“loose jeans are better because I feel more comfortable and I can walk better, unlike tight jeans make me feel uncomfortable,” Juan Carlos Cardoso said.