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“Out of Uniform” fundraiser rewards good behavior

Jose Arellano and Hector Perez

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Did you know when you buy a pass for out of uniform, you’re honoring the well-behaved students in the school?

Well, that’s the case when the P.B.I.S runs the fundraiser. This Tuesday, November 20th, students will have the opportunity to wear their choice of clothing for the school day. The students at Morton East will be able to purchase their out of uniform pass on Monday 19th for a dollar only but may still purchase them for $3 on Tuesday morning. However, that money is beneficial to something or someone that students might have not known.

P.B.I.S.’s Care Club is run by the lead Dean of students, Mr. Ramirez, a Morton East graduate. P.B.I.S is just an acronym.

“P.B.I.S stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention System,” said Mr. Ramirez.

It’s interesting to finding out what P.B.I.S actually stands for. However, the money does lead to something or someone as a benefit.

“The money goes to the P.B.I.S club and we [P.B.I.S] use it to reward students with good behavior around the school,” said Mr. Ramirez.

Of course, many students around the school can be the ones being rewarded. But, there has to be a kind of behavior in order to earn the rewards.

“For example, when students are handed out the cookies from their teachers or when students are handed out Student of the month T-shirts, those are rewards that they get from the good behavior,” explained Mr. Ramirez.

The fundraiser being held Tuesday 20th will help the school get these kinds of gifts or rewards for the club.

Many students, however, just give the money in order to come dressed as wished for the day. The students at Morton East take advantage of this fundraiser, and the Positive Behavioral Intervention System benefits from all the students who purchase these out of uniform passes — to keep rewarding those whose behaviors have been outstanding.

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“Out of Uniform” fundraiser rewards good behavior