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College bound students to be photographed, publicized

Rosalinda Granados, reporter

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College bound is putting your college acceptance on blast – in the hopes that more seniors will start planning for post high school.  The student wall in room 217 will feature photos of students with their college acceptance letters/banners.   

The program wants students to bring a copy of any college acceptance letters or notifications of the scholarships that students receive in fall.  The Morton East college bound is a great opportunity for students who are interested in college. 

The college bound program just started recently this November. The two leader advocates Mr. Smith and Ms. Avila expect more students to join. 

“We barely just started for the new school year, and we are at least expecting to receive about ten students,” Ms. Avila said. 

The daily announcements of Moron East promote the college bound program — offering help.  Many students wonder why or how this program works for them. 

“We have this program to basically help the students find their college.  When they are struggling to find a college, we help them, and the students can decide early on about their education and future,” Mr. Smith said.  

Last year, the college bound program filled up two bulletin boards of pictures of students accepted into colleges and universities. 

“(We had photographed about) 34 students,” Mr. Smith said.  

Throughout the success that the program has done, students got accepted into their colleges.  

“Students mostly got accepted into Chicago universities, Dominican – both private and public local colleges,” Ms. Avila said.  

The college bound program center is held in room 122 at East Campus.  Students can walk in, no appointment necessary. The college bound program hopes to break record for student college acceptance in 2019. 

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College bound students to be photographed, publicized