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Join the St. Frances of Rome youth group

Carolina Herrera, journalism

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Do you ever feel alone? Do you ever feel the need to open up to someone without being judged? If so, you should consider taking the time to visit the youth group from St. Frances of Rome at 1500 South 49th Avenue in Cicero – and you won’t be alone anymore.

Carolina Herrera
Cesar was talking to the students in the group

The only requirement is to be at least eighteen years old. Anyone can join at any time without being questioned (about faith or religious affiliation). St. Frances’s youth group gets together twice a month to read the Bible and discuss how God impacts their lives in positive ways. This helps members of the youth group develop their relationships with God. Also, they enjoy having prayer nights once a month and during their Friday night gatherings, they have free time.

This youth group makes you get closer to God everything can change you into a better person and make you feel more powerful and helps you develop your weakness.

“(St. Frances youth group) helps me grow spiritually as well as it helps me become more confident. You meet new people and help out in the community,” Kimberly Davila said.

When you hear the word “GOD” some people just think that (the youth group) is only about the church and praying, but if you join St. Frances of Rome youth group, you can learn the meaning of lots of things about God.

“I was not really close to church as I am right now, and this group really developed my faith. I really like it because it’s interesting and I learn new things every time,” Princess Tejada said.

Welcoming new people to the group is the greatest thing you can do to someone who has never heard and discussed the word of God.

“I joined the group because a teacher — Carolina — invited me to join. I was scared that I wouldn’t get accepted because I came in late to the youth group, but they acted like if I was part of it already,” one member Kathy said.

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Join the St. Frances of Rome youth group