Opinion: Gender equality for Prom Queen and King!

Around the United States, high schools are having a big discussions about crowning the same sex king and queen for prom. There are mixed feeling about it.

Florida was the first to crown the same sex prom king and queen. And a same sex couple in Hernando, Mississippi started a petition to be prom king and queen.  But, other people believe that is not right. Like in California, high school has rejected two female students’ plea to be eligible for prom king and queen, despite the fact that the couple was nominated by their peers. In Texas a gay teenage was denied to be prom queen because he is a boy. 

Many people have put their opinions on this topic of kings and queens gender role.

“I believe that any gender can run for king or queen it is their rights to be a candidate, however i feel like Morton would not approve of this decision to avoid conflicts among parents and staff,” senior Diana Gallegos said.

any other students do not mind who runs for who for king or queen in prom.

“I don’t care who runs for king or queen if a guy wants to run for queen let him it is not important to me,” senior Giovanni Davalos

Other students do believe that a man should run for only king and a girl should run for queen.

“It only makes sense that a girl runs for queen and a guy should run for king why would a guy would want to run for queen that has never happen before and it shouldn’t now,”  Ramona Martinez said.