MEHS students bleed a little for LifeSource to benefit Snowball

Nadia Mendez and Ashley Ramirez

The Snowball Blood Drive returns to Morton East. Each year snowball hosts four blood drives in collaboration with Lifesource. Lifesource is an organization that is responsible for recruiting donors, blood collection, component manufacturing, and testing and managing product in the Chicago-land area. This blood drive, hosted on February 16th, was the third of the four rounds. Lifesource allows students to start donating at the age of 16 and any student under the age of 18 must get parental consent. Other factors taken into consideration are a minimum weight of 110 pounds and any medications or illnesses. Around 425 students signed up to this blood drive but only 125 students showed up. This number is lower than usual, as about 250 students usually show up. This might be due to it falling on the same day as “day without immigrants.” Snowball is expected to host another blood drive on April 20th.