What the bleep???

In a survey of 100 Morton East students and staff, 89% admitted to hearing cursing on school grounds.

Cursing has always been frowned upon, however in today’s society it is a part of colloquial language. Cursing in a school environment is unacceptable. Be that as it may, at Morton East cursing seems to be all you hear in the hallways. In an experiment 43 cuss words were heard in a 5 minute passing period span. Some might say it’s an outrageous number, others argue that in a school filled with 15-18 year olds it’s not much of a surprise. Deans, administrators, and securities are expected to correct such vocabulary if and when they come across a student who has cursed.

“Whenever I am around, students tend to know to act respectful around me, so i rarely do hear cursing,” dean Ramirez said.

Although dean Ramirez doesn’t often hear cursing himself, he is in charge of dealing with situations where students have cursed at teachers or faculty.

“If a student disrespects a staff member, two things are going to happen, number one, the students parents will come in with the student to know exactly what happened and get a consequence, and number two, they will apologize,” dean Ramirez said.

However when students were asked about how frequently curse words were heard we got a total different response.

“I probably hear up to 50 different curse words a day,” senior Yaritza Miranda said.

It has come to our attention that cursing has gone from a slip up every now and then to it occurring in every other sentence.

“You guys should be interviewing yourselves since you guys tend to curse the most,” security Rene Garcia said.