Alternative Sports

We did a survey in our class to see what people’s opinion on alternative sports were. We asked 20 people whether they considered the alternative sport an actual sport, or not a sport at all. Surprisingly, people had different opinions and some even argued why or why not they should consider it a sport. These were the results of the survey:

Alternative Sport Actual Sport Not a Sport
Pole Dancing lllllllllllll       65% lllllll          35%
Poms llllllllllllll       70% llllll          30%
Cheerleading llllllllllllllllll    90% ll             10%
Cup Stacking lllllllllllllll      75% lllll           25%
Parkour llllllllllllllllll    90% ll             10%
Jump Rope llllllllllllllll      80% llll            20%
Running With The Bulls llllllllllll         60% llllllll         40%
Pillow Fight llllll              30% llllllllllll      70%

Alternative sports is the close association with fun, hedonism involvement, self-actualization and expression. Different people have different point of views we asked the students here at Morton East High School for their opinion about alternative sport.

We’ve made a list of alternative sports such as pole dancing, beer pong, poms, cheerleading, cup stacking, parkour, jump rope, and running with the bulls.

A Morton East student named Horacio gave his survey and said pillow fighting should be considered a sport, and that poms should not be consider a sport because anyone can do poms it’s just dancing. “An actual sport should be consider hard and difficult to actually be a sport” he said.

Some people think that just simply having to compete, it should be consider a sport. Other’s think it’s more than just compete, such as strength, skills, leadership.

“In order for an activity to be considered a sport, it should have regulations, training, conditioning, coaches and competitions.” said Itzel Ramirez a Morton East student.