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Gracey Paucar

Gracey Paucar

Student Grace Paucar slept through her summer vacation; she needed the addtional rest.

According to msutoday’s article of ” ask an expert: why do teenagers need more sleep?’ sleeping can be affected by school by little  sleep hours as according to the article ‘However, due to early school start times, about 70% to 80% of teenagers get as little as six hours of sleep per night’. Scientificamerican.com’s article “Let Teenagers sleep” said “teenagers need about nine hours of sleep a night – but they get closer to seven. And around puberty, their circadian clocks shift by a couple of hours, meaning they get tired later at night than before and not wake up later in the morning then they used to”. In a random survey of 10 Morton East students, 3 said it was okay to sleep through break to get additional for their development of a teenager to get enough energy and sleep every night,1 person said that some people take advantage of this break to play video games and have fun instead of doing their responsibilities being immature and not serious enough for it,6 people said students should not sleep through break as it can negatively affect their sleep schedules.

“School is interrupting our sleep schedules. Students need to get some sleep and rest as (happened) during break.   We need to get some rest for the things we need to do,” Senior Morton Student Grace Paucar said.

While Grace Paucar thinks summer, break is helpful for a way to get some rest, others may not think the same.

“Summer vacation is for activities and fun – not for sleeping.  You should be working out, getting outside, getting fresh air, climbing mountains!” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

But other people  think that we shouldn’t have summer vacation for being lazy or even being serious for life or  for their own priorities.

“Summer break is for you guys to work, sleep, do activities and spend time with family or friend and should be a time for your hobbies and study for school even if when you guys don’t have school at that time," said one Morton East parent.



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Gracey Paucar