The Girls Morton Soccer Team Is On A Winning Streak!


As we conclude the last few days of the school year, we also cherish the last season of our favorite sports team, girls’ soccer. We frequently hear about how the boys’ soccer team tends to make it all the way to state every school year, and it’s even more thrilling to know that the girls’ soccer team at J. Sterling Morton High School is doing just as great.

In the United States, girls’ soccer gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, with the formation of various women’s soccer leagues and the inclusion of women’s soccer in the Olympics. The first Women’s World Cup was held in 1991, which further boosted the sport’s popularity and gave women’s soccer players increased recognition. Since then, girls’ soccer has continued to grow in popularity around the world. The number of girls playing soccer at both amateur and professional levels has increased, and more countries have established national women’s soccer teams.

Here, J. Sterling Morton East High School, the girls’ soccer team, has been kicking the ball for more than 12 years. According to the article “Is Soccer Hard to Learn” soccer is a very complex sport that requires months of practice, stamina, and tactical and tactical skills. Overall, it takes time to master, hence why the team at Morton is one of the most competitive team players out there.

“We practice seven days a week, there are a few times when we were extremely tired, but my teammates and I always manage to get through it, anything to win, we take this very seriously. All this hard work always pays off.” senior captain Jazmine Rojas said.

High school athletes also face moments of stress and immense tiredness, but one of the lovely things about being in a sport is how teammates lift each other up and work together as a team.

” One of the things I will always cherish is how much I’ve learned and grown, coach and other peers have taught us many tips and tricks that make a huge difference in our performance, and it’s something I’m eternally grateful for.” Senior captain Jazmine Rojas mentioned.

It takes months of hard work and practices to get to where you want to go. Being able to learn and observe others to perform better is a great way to be successful in life!

While soccer may be a challenging and demanding sport, it is important to have fun and a passion for the game to truly excel.

“Have fun! it’s not all about being the best and all that, it’s also important to have fun and have a love for the sport,” said Stephanie Salmeron.

The Morton girl’s soccer team’s success may be attributed in part to their strong bonds and communication with one another.

“I feel like our team has a lot of strengths, and we have bonded a lot over the course of the season, which is important because good chemistry leads to better performance,” said Stephanie Salmeron.

What Distinguishes a good and a great soccer player? “A good soccer player only plays good on the field, but a great soccer player plays hard on and off the field,’ emphasizing the importance of practice and dedication in achieving excellence in this sport,” said Stephanie Salmeron.

Overall, the Morton girl’s soccer team’s dedication to the game, focus on teamwork, and passion for playing is like no other team. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to other aspiring soccer players, showing that with hard work, perseverance, and a love for the sport, anyone can achieve their goals on and off the field.