Rugby makes a name for itself at Morton

Heres a photo from last season during a game

Here’s a photo from last season during a game

Only 23 students have actually been to a rugby game! While over 80 students haven’t even heard or been to a game of rugby!

According to “TheRugbyPaper,” it says, “The beloved sport of rugby, the very darling of England, came into existence thanks to a schoolboy who refused to follow the rules. Various sources point to a particular moment in the 19th century when the beginnings of rugby arose in the actions of a naughty child who decided to play a game of catch differently.”

Many people in high school don’t really pay attention to rugby because it’s not that known, but rugby can be one of the most entertaining sports known yet.

“I heard talk around the school that rugby was becoming a big thing. I’m always willing to try something new so once I attended tryouts and saw the HUGE turnout, I got very excited,” said Senior captain Aliah Robles.

Even the coaches were surprised with the turnout when they had their preseason and are looking forward for the new season.

“Very excited, we got some great returning players and some new girls that came out to preseason that look really good and then we’ve also got Allison the slugger Montoya so we’re in good shape,” said the head coach of the girls rugby team Mr. Steve Wascher.

Many people think rugby is just another sport, but it takes guts and strength to be part of this sport.

“I haven’t seen a rugby game, but I think it’s a very intense sport because one bad hit and you get a concussion or some type of injury, I personally wouldn’t do it but props to the people who do it,” said Senior Fatima Duran.

According to “Ruck Science,” it states, “Rugby is one of the only sports in the world that anyone can play. If you are willing to learn, practice, and care about rugby, then there’s a spot for you on the pitch. It’s a sport that needs so many different types of players; short, tall, built, fast, scrappy, strong, and smart. The players on a rugby team are extremely diverse, and with some hard work and dedication, it is possible to excel at the sport.”

Many people think rugby is a boring sport, but rugby is a fun and enjoyable sport to watch considering It’s in the top 25 of the most entertaining sport in the world.

Senior Andrea Virto said , “I’ve seen a rugby game and it caught my attention because it’s very competitive and it looks very fun.”

Others enjoy playing the game when they attended Morton High School, one alumni decided to come back and help coach.

“I began coaching in 2014 as a graduate assistant. However, if you accumulate my time being an active coach, I have a total of 7 years,” said Coach Medina, “I’m 100% a volunteer coach here at Morton.