Girls Badminton Tryouts held last week


2021-2022 Badminton team

Ivan Morales and Willie Simmons

Tryouts for girls Badminton took place here at Morton recently on February 27 and 28, for juniors/seniors and freshmen/sophomores, respectively.

Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992. Since then, it has become the fastest racquet sport in the world and the second most popular sport in the world behind soccer. The origins of the sport go back more than 2,000 years in Greece, China and India. 

P.E teacher and girls badminton coach Josh Scaletta gave us some insight into what they look for in tryouts. 

“First and foremost, we’re students first so grades are a big factor in determining who makes and doesn’t make the team. In terms of actual Badminton racquet skills, athleticism in the sense of how they can move on the Badminton court, how they can move the birdie around, a lot of times we see some newer players that kind of just tend to hit the birdie back and forth with their partner, we really like to see the girls that challenge whoever they’re playing against and make them work,” P.E teacher and girls badminton coach Josh Scaletta said  

Along with that he also offered some advice for new players trying out. 

“Go a little out of your comfort zone, Badminton is a very difficult game, it’s a lot more difficult than it comes off. You’re gonna have to go out of your comfort zone, you’re gonna have to meet some new people, be comfortable playing with new people and against new people,” P.E teacher and girls badminton coach Josh Scaletta said 

Roughly 100 girls try out each year and only 50-60 end up making the team. This year 167 students tried out and only 58 made the team.

Senior and varsity player Mariela Rojas shares what she likes most about the sport. 

“I like how I could be aggressive as possible, like when you run back and then you could just take out all your anger and all your force, all your strength out on that shuttle and like just hearing the sound of the smash oh my god it’s so satisfying. It just gives me so much confidence and it makes me feel confident that I am really good at a sport, “ Senior and varsity player Mariela Rojas said. 

She also offers advice for players that are new to the sport.  

“If you want to start playing the sport playing against the wall helps a lot, either practice your serves or do smashes on it, it helps a lot. Keep watching videos on YouTube, specifically Carolina Marin. Watching players-professionals, they can help you learn new techniques and footwork,” Senior and Varsity player Mariela Rojas said. 

Senior and Varsity player Mariela Rojas asked her older sister, who wishes to stay anonymous, what she thinks about her involvement in sport. 

“I think it’s nice that you’re into a sport. It’s like you’re kind of a role model to me because I look up to you and you’re doing all these things and with school and with sports and then the gym part, so yeah it’s very motivational,” Mariela Rojas’s sister said.