Dance is definitely a sport


The Girls Morton Dance Team is definitely the most challenging sport.

We often hear about the controversy of cheer/dance teams, people say it should not be considered a sport, while others disagree. But, no one really takes into consideration all of the hard work that goes into performing for the entire school. The girl’s J Sterling Morton High School dance team is not just about dancing while supporting our school’s football and basketball team, but, being a dancer requires more than that. The girl’s school dance is a team of participants that perform sequences of movement with aesthetic and often symbolic value, either improvised or purposefully selected. According to the article “High School dance team” Quality practices usually produce quality performances and team members should always have to give 110% of their effort. We hope that with this article we are able to let people know just how much time and practice a dancer has to endure as a high schooler.

“Being in the dance team is tough; we often face challenges like trying not to forget the choreography when performing, but we always manage to push through,” Varsity dancer Stephanie Munoz said.

Being a dancer is more challenging than we think! 

“The challenge that we face while dancing is having mental blocks.  There might be days where we don’t feel at our best and therefore don’t really give it our all; this is hard to overcome sometimes because the support that you need might not be there,” Varsity Captain Ariana Paez said.

Interestingly, the captains of the varsity team are the ones who choreograph all the dances.

“We choreograph our dances for every game:  we pick the music, make formations, and teach the steps to every other member of the team,” Varsity Captains Stephanie Munoz and Ariana Paez mentioned.

Listening to these experts might be intimidating, but anyone can learn to perfect the routines with practice.  

“We have clinics before tryouts to get everyone used to the turns and jumps that will be seen in the tryout routine to give everyone a fair chance.” Captain Ariana Paez said.

Being a part of a dance team is way more than just dancing, it’s more about working and forming a strong bond with the other team members!