No accomplishment unnoticed at awards night


Multiple awards given to Santos Trujillo

Athletes were recognized at the Fall Sports Awards this month.

Parents and students waiting for award night to begin.

As fall concludes and winter falls upon us it signals the end of a season for fall athletes. District 201 held a fall award night to recognize the accomplishments and achievements that its athletes accomplished. This event was held at Morton West at 6:45 Thursday, November 17. About 500 students with their families attended the event. They introduced a new award this year, the IHSA, that rewarded players for good grades and a high GPA while in a sport.

The event had mixed reactions; some people were delighted by the event.

“It was a fun ceremony, being recognized for all state great achievement for me you know. I could not have done it without my defense Ivan and Leo; you know they really solidified the back line,” Brandon Flores said.

Captain of the Soccer team Brandon

However, some of the attendees who weren’t among the athlestes highlighted were not as enthusiastic about the event.

“The award night is too boring; it’s the same thing every year,” former East alumni Fernanda Adriana said.

Nevertheless, many of the MVPS were grateful for the season that they had this year.

“I am very grateful and happy that I am recognized for all I have done this year I feel accomplished,” Stephanie Muñoz said.

Stephanie Munoz captain of the dance team awards

Although the mood I was of excitement and rejoice many people at the event felt sadden.

“It’s a very exciting and emotional day for my students and me. I am however saddened by the fact that I will have 5 dancers that will be leaving the team this year,” Coach Toledo said.

Furthermore, this feeling wasn’t felt by one coach but was a common among other coaches as well.

“You grow a bond to them and you work with them every day and it’s hard for you to leave them after all the hard work they put in,” Coach Bulster said.

Morton Star football player and MVP has a few words of wisdom to say.

“Struggle now, so you can enjoy your hard work later,” Santos Trujillo said.