Football final brings awareness with Pink Out

Jocelyn Lopez and Joseline Carrillo

The Morton Football team gets together for their final home game with a pink-out to bring awareness to breast cancer.

October is all about breast cancer awareness.  The power of pink is everywhere as we observe breast cancer awareness month.

Arturo Cervantes, a senior varsity football player, likes the idea of pink-out and thinks it’s important to celebrate that.

“Pink-out hit me differently because growing up my mom had breast cancer. I also like the idea of pink out because the guys got to wear pink accessories during the game,” senior varsity football player  Arturo Cervantes said.

Santos Trujillo, senior Captain football player, believes that pink-out helps to honor the special women in his life.

“It’s important to do pink-out because we all have a mom or important females in life we care about, and many women out there get breast cancer.  It’s scary to think a woman we love might be affected by this cancer, so it’s important to bring attention to this cancer,” senior captain football player Santos Trujillo said.

Most people don’t really think of cancer as a thing that could affect their families and most people don’t really know what cancer is. Cancer begins in the cells which are the basic building block of the body that eventually makes tissue. Sometimes, the process of cell growth doesn’t always go as planned and when the new cells come in, the old cells don’t die as they should. This buildup of old cells is known as a tumor.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Many people are affected by breast cancer all over the world, but there are treatments that can be done especially if detected early.

Senior Lourdes Angulo enjoyed watching the boys and liked that they showed respect for breast cancer.

“It was nice seeing the boys try their best and represent such an important cause while playing,” Lourdes Angulo said.

Yanelly Corvera didn’t enjoy the rain very much but said the game was good overall.

“I got soaked.  It rained a lot, and I had to dry my blanket in the bathroom with hand dryers, but it was fun,” Yanelly, a senior student, said.

Overall, the pink-out was a nice way to end the season.

“One last memory at home,” one senior varsity football player said.

photo Credit @sifiproductions, student from Morton West Silas Gonzalez