Girls Cross Country Heads Into Regionals


Girls’ cross country is almost over with their season heading into regionals with the hopes of making it to sectionals then state.

Cross Country has the second lowest injury rate for girls. Girls’ cross country run 3.1 miles every race in high school, a 5k in short, For College cross country girls compete in three divisions of NCAA/National College Athletic Association and run 6 km (3.7 mil) or 5 km (3.1 mil). Running is a great sport for both girls and boys and is a very beneficial sport. The faster you the harder your heart works making it stronger. Running enhances your cartilage by increasing your oxygen intake and flushing out toxins and strengthens the ligaments around your joints so in short yes running is very good for you in the long run.

“I think we have a really good chance, there’s two to qualify, as a team or individuals. The top 6 teams qualify and right now we’re seeded as the seventh and although were on the outside, looking in I think our girls, if they run well, we can bump up and steal that sixth spot and even if we don’t qualify as a team, we have many talented individuals or can qualify as individuals,” coach Dan Bulster said.

The girls have a shot at qualifying as a team this year.

“We have a very talented top 14 and I am very happy with them, they’re a fun group who likes to show up everyday who have a great attitude and work hard, the thing I’m most excited about is the fact that the majority of them are underclassmen we have a couple of freshmen we have about 6 or seven juniors and two seniors, mostly underclassmen,” coach Dan Bulster.

The girls top 14 runners are very talented.

“I think the season is going great. There’s been a lot of improvement in girls. They’re really stepping it up this year and I have faith that when the upper-class men graduate that they’ll be able to do well in races and represent our school very well,” Maria Hernandez said.

They lower classmen seem promising this year and for years to come.

“I think Isabella has a chance of making it to state, she is a very talented runner,” Maria Hernandez said.

Isabella has a very good chance of making state as an individual this year.

“Toughest part about being in xc is not being able to achieve your goal that you want. It can be frustrating when you don’t get what you want even if you worked hard to achieve it but you just have to work harder and be positive,” junior Maria Hernandez said.

Not all the time you’re going to get the times you want.

“A lot of the times when running you’ll start thinking to yourself negative thoughts like I should stop, I can’t do this, etc. cross country isn’t jut physical but also mental,” junior Maria Hernandez said.

Cross county is a tough sport, and you need to be strong both mentally and physically.

Fatima Duran

“I’d say XC is worth joining because you can grow so much as a person, and as an athlete. You’ll build condition and in general your mood changes in a good way.  Running has impacted me as a person by improving my mental health. It has reduced my stress and anxiety,” senior Fatima Duran said.

Cross-country runs in Fatima’s family.

“I joined cross country since my older brother did it when he was in high school, and so he motivated me to join and also because I like competing,” Fatima Duran said.  “My favorite part about running is that it keeps me active and fit.  Also, the coaches motivate me to become a better runner and student,” she added.

Of course, with the rigor of any sport there are risks.

“Some Cons would be the risk of getting injured with shin splints or hip mobility but it all depends on your form as well when running. Having a good nutrition as well may avoid them,” Fatima Duran said.