Mustang Varsity Soccer to be champions again

Fernando Gutierrez

The Mustang varsity soccer team is looking to be champions again.

With this season already underway the Morton Varsity soccer team has a record of 9-2 already, with games like Niles West and Kennedy ending up both with an 8-0 win.  They have already beaten Stagg, Naperville North, Whitney Young, IC catholic Prep, Kennedy, Niles West, Lane tech, Willowbrook, and Benet academy. It’s not hard for them to know that Naperville is always a tough opponent to go against. Starting the season they took a tough loss of 3-1 against Naperville Central.

“Well, right now, we are focusing our center midfield position. We have around 3-4 players and we are trying to see who’s the best fit,” Coach Jim Bageanis said.

If you watch soccer, you know that having a midfielder is the hardest part for a team. Finding a midfielder that can move the ball up the field and create spaces for the striker, or the other midfielders is hard. According to wikiHow, you should be the player who can read and analyze the game and spot runs your teammates are making and execute a pass.

“Last season Giovanni Alvarez, was our top scorer last season with 23 goals and 18 assists,” Coach Jim Bageanis said.

The job of a striker is to be a straight goal-scoring machine. Their mentality and goal should be surrounded around scoring and having a great first touch so their second touch is a goal. According to SoccerPrime, being able to handle the ball with both feet expands your capacity to pass, move, and score more as a result.

“I think right now York is the team everyone wants go against right now, with them being the current state champs. Naperville Central and Lyons I want them again,” Varsity player Ismael Zapeda said.

Looks like many teams in Chicago are looking to be champions, but Morton is looking ahead for it.

Stay tuned for upcoming matches.