Morton East high school Wrestling team goes to sectionals!

Diana Delgado, reporter

Morton East high school wrestling team goes to sectionals!

Morton East wrestling team has worked hard all season long. Their work has finally paid off. The wrestling team attends sectionals on February 11th and February 12th at 6pm. Morton East is a school known for their variety of options in sports., a very popular sport is wrestling.  Wrestling is played between two wrestlers that have the same weight class; the match is played on a time span of 5-6 minutes. Wresting is played with several rules, the basic rules are to pin your opponent without locking hands, grabbing their clothing. You also can win by gaining the most points by the end of the match. You can get points by doing takedowns, escaping when the opponent has you down on the mat, or you can also get points when your opponent breaks one of the rules. These are some of the basic rules that wrestlers have to follow to be able to win a match.

Wrestling is one of the most aggressive and dangerous sports, our team can get injured even while in practicing. Wrestlers experience a 33% chance of injuries during matches or practice.. Wrestlers practice every day after school and have meets during the weekends. Many of the times you will see wrestlers have bandages or complain about body pain. Wrestlers are at risks to have broken bones, concussions, or cuts. Morton East wrestlers share their experiences and opinions to injuries.

“I remember I was wrestling during a match and then I just woke up. Apparently, I had been slammed to the ground and had a concussion. I was taken to the hospital that day,” retired Morton East Gabriel S said.

” I’ve had multiple injuries throughout my 4 years so I’m not really scared of being injured. I do want to say that I’m more hesitant because I know how much time injuries sit you out for and not being able to practice or wrestle during season sucks,” Morton East Varsity wrestler Oscar Bonilla said.

“Injuries do happen and you can’t stop them but one can only pray that all is well. Wrestling is the hardest sport in high school and it just comes in nature of physical sports that injuries occur,” Morton East wrestler Anthony Lopez, Flores said.

Varsity Wrestling takes many years of experience and practice. Some wrestlers start their careers as wrestlers since they were children. The more experience the wrestlers have in the sport the stronger they will be and the faster they will be. Some wrestlers have different techniques to when they are wrestling. Morton East wrestling does not require the athletes to have years of experience in the sport to be able to join. Although, the Morton East Varsity wrestlers do need to have experience in the sport and many of our wrestlers have many years of experience. Morton East wrestlers share their years of experience as wrestlers.

“I’ve been wrestling since freshman year,” Morton East wrestler Oscar Bonilla said.

“I’ve been wrestling for 2 years and right now I’m a junior so almost 3 years wrestling,” Morton East wrestler Anthony Lopez, Flores said.

In addition, Morton East Varsity wrestlers are so excited that their hard work has led them to be able to participate in sectionals. Varsity wrestlers have been practicing for many years dreaming of the moment when they are chosen for sectionals and make their family and friends proud. The wrestlers are so proud of each other. Varsity wrestlers share their excitement about the team going into sectionals.

“It makes me so happy and ecstatic to see three of us going into sectionals, we all work very hard for this very moment,” Morton East wrestler Anthony Lopez, Flores said.

”I’m happy that 3 of us from the guys team will be going into sectionals and seeing the whole female team is insane especially with the fact that it’s their 2nd year as an official female team,” Morton East Varsity wrestler Oscar Bonilla said.

In closing, Morton East Varsity wrestling team are so proud of each other, proud of their hard work. Morton East Varsity wrestlers are using all their experience and hard work to win sectionals and be able to go to state. These students are passionate about their sport and strongly believe that all their hard work is worth every single day of practice and training. Morton East Varsity wrestlers share their feeling about their hard work.

“I feel everything I do is worth it and I wrestle with that purpose and mindset. Thats why I work so hard in the wrestling room to succeed not only as an individual, but as a team, so yes putting in the hard work in seeing the team succeed is worth it,” Morton East wrestler Anthony Lopez, Flores said.

“I definitely believe that the hard work we’ve all put in at our practices have paid off because not many make it to sectionals,” Morton East Varsity wrestler Oscar Bonilla said.