Morton West schools Morton East in basketball

Juan Jimenez

Morton West beat Morton East in a ‘crosstown’ basketball game on April 26.

The game was held at East with a small crowd of student fans.  Morton West won by more than 10 points.

“For West, they had a key defensive stop when East was trying to come back. Eliseo, from West, had a steal and a pass for a layup for West that kept East down,” game referee and English teacher Mr. Steve Wascher said.

But, Morton East players showed their skill.

“For East, there were some breakaway dunks that were very fun to watch,” Mr. Wascher said.

Morton East’s top scorer was Mustang small forward, varsity player Victor Garrett.  He scored 27 points.

“The rest of the actual varsity team is from West.  East only had two or three (varsity) players.  The fat that we only lost by 11 is surprising,” junior Victor Garrett said.

Fortunately, during the season they all play on the same team.

“I believe West had a bit more defensive skill and intensity. Overall, (the game was) lots of fun!” Mr. Wascher said.