CrossFit Challenge runs strong again in 2022

Stephanie Romo Avila , Fatima Garcia

March 24- March 21 

The reason these kids are taking this test where they must run laps, sit ups, pushups, squats and burpees is because they are trying to create and make sure they have the right balance for this class. They are trying to find the best 20 percent of kids that are the fastest and most athletic. 

“The CrossFit class really put our physical fitness to the test”-Senior, Dulce Martinez 

“I feel like it was intense and racking because once you start you had to keep going”- Senior, Milaena Rich  



CrossFit is a great class for runners because it helps run and build lower body muscles, like the hamstrings, quads and stretching those muscles help them run. They also manage to do sit-ups which helps them with the build ab endurance and strength for more advanced movements. They also do push-ups because it helps these students have strength and build upper body strength. Besides they do squats to help them with the strength for full body mobility. Lastly, burpees, students do burpees to help them gain strength in the entire body.