Morton Rugby is Back!


MORTON RUNS HARD. Morton drives and wins possession over Marist after Senior Isaiah Lopez poaches the ball at their match on June 17, 2021. Morton (in white) played Marist High School (in red) for their fifth and final game of the 2021 season. (Photo Credit – Bill Calvert/Willyjay Photos)

Antonio Acosta, freelance reporter

This year, the Morton rugby team is looking forward to returning to a normal season after Covid caused several setbacks last season.

Head Coach Aaron Sweeney felt last season’s setbacks proved something that will be helpful this year.

“I think the past year has really shown that schools can compete in organized sports without rampant spread of Covid,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney looks forward to bringing back the normal rugby that caught the attention of a lot of students.

“I’m excited about renewing our program and getting new guys into our ranks.  Rugby is a game that sells itself.  While not for everyone, we have had hundreds of players over the years get a great deal of joy and satisfaction out of playing our game,” Sweeney said.

Rugby is a contact sport that involves physical play, quick decision making, and team effort. There are fifteen players that represent each side (eight forwards and seven backs). The main thing about rugby is that you can only pass backward.

Senior Cesar Ramirez is hopeful that this year’s team will be what the team was missing last season.

“I feel good about our team this year and I believe in them,” Ramirez said.

Sweeney believes this year’s seniors will be the ones that bring back the culture needed to shape build a successful rugby program.

“I need this group of seniors, in particular, to help us re-establish our program culture.  I believe we have a good group of guys to do just that,” Sweeney said.

Ramirez has great expectations for this team and believes that this team can do something that hasn’t been done since 2015.

“I think we can go to the playoffs this year and bring the state championship back home again,” Ramirez said.