New Team. New Look. New Bulls


Joel Perez

Bulls going into locker room after pre-season victory against New Orleans Pelicans

The Chicago Bulls are finding success despite having no prior success.

For the past 5 seasons the bulls have struggled to get over 40 win mark, usually in the low thirties and ended at the 10th to 8th seed in Eastern Conference. The bulls haven’t seen much success after Derrick Rose Tore his Medial meniscus in his right knee for the second time in a little over a year in 2012. After Rose’s tragic incidents, which then led to him getting traded to the New York Knicks, the Bulls have been in a rebuilding phase ever since. Due to upsetting contracts and a failing head coach the bulls never saw success.  

“I was there when Derrick Rose got hurt… it was like getting punched in the stomach,”  gym teacher, Mr. Jacklin says

A very tragic loss for Bulls fans and Chicago, Derrick Rose was the backbone of the team and to see him hurt was heartbreaking. The team has been recovering ever since, but with things lining up things are looking good in the horizon. 

The Bulls front office got rid of all players who were overpaid and made moves to set up enough cap space to build a good team around up and coming super star Zach Lavine, who in the past 3 years has consistently increased his points per game every season. This past off season the bulls have added 12 new players, with a couple of star names like Demar Derozan, Nikola Vucevic, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso. 

“Demar Derozan, his mid range game is not lost, when you need a guy that can finish , you need a guy with a jumper and Demar’s that guy,” English teacher, Mr. Brown said (on his favorite addition to the Bulls).

Fans are excited about the team’s new additions and are excited to see where they will end up.

“Lonzo Ball is the secondary shooter we need who can play both sides of the ball and facilitate the floor for Lavine and Derozan,” Morton East student, Adrian Perea says.

This new look Bulls is exhilarating for all long time bulls fans excited to finally watch the bulls prosper once again. 

 With these big names Chicago has been ecstatic to see this team play. Preseasons tickets sold around the same amount the regular season would sell. This Bulls have had an Electrifying season so far with a hot 4 game win streak, and an unbelievable 39-point deficit comeback against The Boston Celtics. 

“I already bought a 10 game day package, I’ve been inspired ever since they fired the front office and started fresh,” says Logan Brown on his excitement on the team’s success, but so is all of Chicago. 

“I think winning adds a certain level of excitement and life to the city of Chicago,” says Mr. Jacklin on the new aura the fresh team brings to the city. 

 The bulls have a really promising team with Derozan dropping around 30 every night and an elite scorer such as Zach Lavine. The elite scoring duo of Derozan and Lavine are already breaking records, with both superstar’s averaging 25 points per game, which is the first time in Bulls history. This team is not just about offense, Lonzo ball and Alex Caruso average a combined 5 to 6 steals per game. The team have great potential, As Demar hasn’t had these numbers ever since his prime years with the Toronto Raptors. Zach Lavine is just coming off an Olympic off-season summer in Tokyo, playing with some of the greatest of our generation, Lavine has built the confidence to be that next level superstar. Lonzo Ball is having a breakout season this year getting more ball time and control of the offense, Lonzo is being the most offensively aggressive this year out of all of his years in the NBA. All these players seem to complement each other and play like a cohesive unit who can go as far as the 2nd round in the playoffs. 

“The bulls can go as far as the Eastern Conference finals,” says Francisco Roa about the long-term success of the bulls.

The bulls are looking good this season hopefully they can keep it up and play to the full potential they can play to.