WNBA/Chicago Sky faces adversity


Christopher Ard

The WNBA has been facing adversity for years now — from fans bashing the players to their pay cuts.

For example, Sue Bird has played the same amount of years as LeBron James (18 Seasons) has the same amount of championships won (4) and her salary is $215,000 while LeBron is making $37.44 million. (I actually have a quote on the salary for WNBA players and female athletes from an ex WNBA player Kimberly Williams.)

“It’s been a ongoing issue all around woman sports especially when the WNBA first started compared to what the men were making the pay cuts were always different by millions of dollars, its made some progress over the years but not enough for ex WNBA players to have to resolve to getting another job to afford the lifestyle they had. The average bench warmer in the NBA makes close to 900k while woman are only making 300k,” Ms.Williams said.

I also asked Ms. Williams how she felt about the haters saying the WNBA is unpopular because the players are inferior to NBA players.  (I think there has been a lot of hate on the WNBA and woman’s sports in general, and I think its disrespectful.  They’re professional athletes for a reason; not anybody can just make the NBA or WNBA.  It takes talent and hard work.)

This is what Williams had to say.

“That’s something people have been have been saying for years but looking at the numbers and ratings the WNBA have been getting has increased due to the pandemic, woman sports views have increased especially the WNBA playoffs and championship games the views and money raised during those games helped out a lot,” Ms. Williams said.  This shows that woman sports have been getting lower pay cuts for years, dramatically low.

Ms. Williams also elaborated on the Chicago Sky championship they just won. “The Chicago Sky TV ratings were rising they just weren’t receiving the recognition they but we still find a way to keep going and growing and at some point its going to break and woman sports will get the money and recognition they deserve,”

The Chicago Sky just won their very first WNBA championship ever, and the people of Chicago barley showed any love, they didn’t even attend the parade for their championship they rode through the streets of Chicago with no fans supporting or cheering for them. I hope in the near future the WNBA will become as popular as the NBA because they work as hard, travel as much and play with the same winning mindset as the men in the NBA.  You can tell by the emotion shown by Candace Parker after winning the championship