Morton doesn’t believe in Bears


Morton East English Teacher Praying the Bears Win a Super Bowl.

Manny Torres, Reporter

Will the bears ever play or win a Super Bowl again? Morton students don’t think so.

According to “Chicago Bears Facts” from, the Chicago Bears had a different name when they started to play and were called the Decatur Staley’s and by 1922 they were renamed to the Chicago Bears. The Bears were founded in 1920 and won their first championship in 1921 winning in total 9 championships. The Bears have only won one Super Bowl in 1986 against the Patriots. In the past many people had faith and believed that the Bears would have another chance to win a Super Bowl until now. In a survey taken by students of Morton East 47 out of 100 students believe that the Bears do have a chance or will win another Super Bowl.

“With Fields they have a chance, but this year they don’t have a chance. I think with Justin Fields, we have hope with him,” English teacher Karen Judge said.

Ms. Judge Isn’t the only that agrees that the Bears have a good quarterback.

“I think one thing they are not missing is a QB. If we can get that figured out, I think that will solve a lot of our problems. I would like to see Ryan Pace put together a decent offense of line that can protect Justin Fields,” English teacher Logan Brown said.

According to Bear Digest FN, “If Bears Want to Get Better, Start Here,” they say that “ranked 25th last year at pass plays covering 20 yards or more. They don’t get big chunks of yardage in the passing game. So, in come Andy Dalton and Justin Fields. It’s Fields’ strength,”.

“The only way I see the Bears play in the Super Bowl is if they can improve both their defense and offense,” Morton East senior Alexis Galeno said.

Another student’s seem to have the same opinion.

“I lost all hope to see the Bears win or even play in a Super Bowl, they just disappoint me every season. The team is good they just need to improve on their offense more,” Morton East senior Leonardo Reza said.

According to windy city gridiron, “The Chicago Bears have a lack-of-fans problem at training camp,” there’s been a lack of fans wanting to watch the team practice “Many of those tickets are going unused and the crowds at camp have been sparse, which leads to low energy when compared to the buzz that was at Bourbonnais from 2002 to 2019 and Platteville, Wisconsin before that,”.

“I think it will take a while for the Bears to play in the Super Bowl, they just haven’t had a good run in a while, Morton East sophomore Samuel Huerta said.