Morton varsity football plans on wins

The varsity Mustang foot ball team began this year’s season with a two-win streak, with plans to execute more victories.  

Many do not know that Morton has a winning history in football.  According to the “1969 Football Team, 7-0” from District 201 J. Sterling Morton High School, interestingly, Morton football team from 1969 set 13 amazing records including most touchdowns in a game and in one season. One thing people don’t know is that the 1969 football team was ranked #4 in state, and Morton led the title for most won games, with a record of 6-2 — winning their last six games of the season. The head coach for this record-breaking team was hall of famer Jim Regan; his 1964 and 1969 teams were undefeated. In a random survey of 100 students, 24 out of 100 people believed that the Morton Football team would not win any more games. 

The wins at the onset of the season have lit a fire under some players.

“I felt good about our two-win streak, but I wasn’t satisfied. Morton can be a playoffs team. Coaches are great, especially coach Grayson,” Morton varsity captain Giovanni Rodriguez said. 

Some of our players have been playing since they were little kids, like our defensive lineman Giovanni Rodriguez, and like our running back Kelon Devine Woods. 

“I started playing in elementary school because football was a way for discipline, and since I didn’t have a father figure, football really helped me out,”  Morton varsity captain Giovanni Rodriguez said.

It’s just the beginning for these young players; they feel that they can go to playoffs. 

“I feel this is just the beginning.  There is more to go, and we feel unstoppable.  Everyone (on the team) is winnable; the coaches are all good people and very supportive,” Morton varsity running back Kelon Devine Woods said.   

Another Mustang football player is also optimistic. 

“I feel confident we can win the future games we just have to continue on working hard.  Our coaches are good people, they make us work hard to better and successful,” Morton varsity tight end Tyler Nichols said. 

All Mustang players speak highly of their coaches. 

“My brothers are the ones that inspired me to play football. It was nice winning those 2 games, it was really a big accomplishment. I feel confident about our future games, I feel that we are good enough,” Morton varsity Captain Steve Dzolic said. 

As some players believe that it took them hard work to get 2 winning streaks, others think it was a miracle. 

“I got into football in freshman year, the 2nd week of practice. The 2 winning streaks felt great, something we usually don’t get; it was a miracle that we won 2 games. The coaches really help us improve,” Morton Varsity offense tackle Javier Flores said.