Francisco’s Getting Swole Routine


Senior Francisco Montoyo benches 155. (Now, he’s up to 195)

Francisco Montoya, reportert

Looking for an effective workout at the gym?  Here is my daily routine for the week.  I really started concentrating on the muscle groups my sophomore year, and have seen more development in muscle.  And, I can lift more.  


>Muscles worked:  STOMACH

     > exercise / lift (Movement):  leg raises

     >sets / rep:  3 sets/12 reps

     > machine/ Equipment used:  Dip Bar



>Muscles worked:  BICEPS

     >exercise / lift (Movement):    

  1. cablecurls 

      2.heavy bar curls  

  1. dumbbellshammer curls  

     >sets / reps:  3 sets/10 reps

     >Machine / equipment used:  cables, dumbbells, heavy bar


Wednesday: (Recovery Day) 



>muscles worked:  CHEST

     >exercise / lift (Movement)  

  1. Cables for chest
  2. Pectoralmachine 
  3. Benching

    >Sets / Reps:  3 sets/15 reps 

     >machine/equipment used:  cables, pectoral machine, benching



>Muscles worked:  TRICEPS

     >exercise / lift (Movement) 

  1. ropepull downs for triceps  

      2.dumbells triceps extension  

      >Sets/Reps:  3 sets/12 reps   

     >machine/ equipment used:  rope for triceps, dumbells


Saturday: (Recovery day) 



>Muscles worked:  SHOULDERS and BACK

    >exercise / lift (Movement) 

  1. Dumbellsover my head (for shoulders) 

     2.Bar pull down (for back) 

     >Sets/ Reps:  3 sets/15 reps 

      >machine/ equipment used:  dumbells, metal bar