Jordan voted Morton’s favorite shoe brand


Jordan was voted number 1 sneaker brand by Morton East students.

A survey of 100 students showed that 71% selected Jordan as their favorite sneaker brand. Michael Jordan had some of the greatest moments in sports history with these sneakers on, so it’s no surprise Jordan received the most votes, after all, there’s a whole song dedicated to being “like mike”.  Jordan even blew out their founder brand as Nike only received 11% of votes.

Historically Nike has dominated the shoe game such as when they came out with the 1st Air Jordan. But since coming into his own brand Jordan releases of his original retro sneakers have dominated the sneaker world. “The bottom line is that Jordan is the most significant brand and sports. This is because it is widely known for its outstanding performance, innovation, and style. However, its popularity is attributed to Michael Jordan’s status associated with wearing them and his cultural impact giving the Jordans a firm brand name,” said Swagger magazine writers. We agree with this quote because most retro Jordan shoes are considered uncomfortable to play in however many would rather play through that pain just to have the nicest sneakers on the court. Swagger magazine writers also wrote, “The Jordans offer a great value in the market today, which sets them aside from other sneakers. Many people believe that these shoes will give them the best performance other than lesser quality sneakers; they are willing to spend a bit more money on these sneakers.” We agree with this as well because the value of these sneakers has grown substantially. The original Jordan was released for $65 compared to the $170 they retail at today. However, only expect to pay that price if you are lucky enough to get them when they drop because after they sell out these shoes can range anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

“If we talking about sneakers there’s nothing better than a pair of retro 11s,” said senior Alfredo Guardado

Many students had similar opinions to Alfredo.

“My space jam 11s are probably my favorite shoe in my whole collection,” senior Josh Esquivel said.

Some agreed with the love for retro Jordans but also loved the new shoes.

“Honestly, Lebron is my favorite player but the new Westbrook collab are heat and comfortable to play in,” former school basketball team player Jordan Goodman said

Similar to our last speaker, many athletes love to wear the Jumpman on their shoes when playing.

“My Jordan 1 cleats are probably my favorite cleats I ever played in,” Senior football player Miguel Espino said.

Football cleats aren’t the only new sport Jordan is finding success in.

“Stepping up to bat with my Oreo 4 cleats just brings a different type of energy to the field,” Baseball player Roxon Love said.

However, not all agree that Jordan is the best shoe brand.

“Jordans are nice, but nothing tops a low-top pair of white air forces. That’s the only shoe I’ll always buy more of,” senior Hector Fontanez said.