Boxing not safe to practice during COVID, students say

Boxing not safe to practice during COVID, students say

Jose Mendez, Reporter

Most of the students in Morton East think that boxing is not a safe sport to practice.

In a random Survey of 50 students, 27 students said that boxing is not a safe sport to practice while the other 17 said it was.

According to “Quora” Loc Ho stated that “I have been boxing for 6–7 years; I have been stunned maybe three times and never been TKO’d or KO’d. I see boxing as having obvious risks for novices that overstep their bounds. If I should do something in the ring that is inadvisable (like punching myself out), I might get hurt. This depends on whom I am boxing. However, with my experience, I know how to keep boxing very safe for me (and my sparring partners). I regard boxing as generally safe except for the times when it is not. That is the most accurate answer I can give. Therefore, I believe boxing is not a safe sport to practice during this pandemic.

“No, practicing boxing is not a good idea because it’s a contact sport,” Morton East senior Giovanni Rodriguez exclaimed

Mainly everyone agrees that making boxing matches at this moment is not the correct thing to do due to the contact that the boxers have when they are next to each other.

“No, because fans can also be carrying the virus and infect other fans and maybe even the boxers,” Morton East senior Emily Rodriguez said.

Even though boxing is a physical sport to practice, others say the contrary to this.

“No, is not a safe sport to practice because you never know when a hard hit can land on you and what type on consequences this can bring, but this shouldn’t be a reason on why you should or should not practice boxing,” Morton East senior Adrian Flores said

I think boxing needs to improve its safety conditions.

“I personally enjoy watching boxing matches but I don’t see me doing that, it takes a lot of courage to decide to get knocked out by someone one day lol, don’t get me wrong, I love to box, but I don’t think I can be on it due to the accidents that go on, the sport although it seems safe, there is always that one time that something goes wrong,” Morton East senior Ozziel Fernandez pointed out.

Boxing as a sport dates back to ancient Greeks who made it part of the Olympic games as early as 688 BC.

Something that may shock the fans is that Boxing gloves are actually more dangerous and result in more deaths than bare-knuckle boxing. In fact, gloves were introduced into boxing not for safety reasons, but to increase hits to the head and dramatic knockouts.

After finishing this experiment, we were able to understand that many people still think that boxing is not a safe idea to practice because of all the aftermath consequences that bring to you in your daily life.