Best Sports Leagues of 2020


Victor Enriquez Marco Garcia, Reporter

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was the most popular sports league of last year for Morton East students.

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students 49 of them said the NBA was their favorite sports league of last year, however it actually dropped ratings nationally. “The National Basketball Association finals, which concluded Sunday with the Los Angeles Lakers’ victory over the Miami Heat, averaged 7.5 million viewers on Walt Disney Co.’s ABC over the six games, a 51% decline from the same event last year” According to Bloomberg writer Christopher Palmeri. Some are contributing this to the pandemic and the changes the league had to make.

“Watching the Lakers win the finals after Kobe Bryant’s passing this year and watching LeBron preform so well was both amazing and heartwarming” said junior Oscar Segovia.

Many agreed with Oscar however some people watched and took interest in the league for different reasons.

Senior Bianca McQueen said “The players being able to wear inspiring messages on their jersey was a great idea to me, and made me interested in a sport I never really took interest in”.

As you can see there were multiple reasons why people liked the NBA in 2020, but it wasn’t the only loved sports league.

The NBA had one of the most interesting seasons ever, but if I had to pick a league it would be the NFL, I mean seeing Brady in another jersey was enough to say the NFL was the most interesting league of 2020” said Senior Josh Esquivel

Another league that spiked some interest with Morton students was the MLB.

Lakers winning the finals was a great sight, however nothing topped the Dodgers winning the World Series” said Senior Alex Orozco.