L.A Lakers were best 2020 NBA team


Derrick Mercado, Reporter

The Los Angeles Lakers were arguable the best NBA team in 2020.

In a random survey of 39 Morton East/Cicero residents, the numbers show that 25 surveyors agreed that the L.A Lakers were the best team last year out of the 4 Lakers, Clippers, Bucks and Raptors .

According to CBS Sports “Why LeBron James and the Lakers 2020 NBA championship is the storied franchises most special one yet” apparently, the Lakers had the best record in the western conference last season going 52-19 playing in the NBA bubble due to Covid-19. Even so that was not the Lakers best accomplishment last season neither, they Knocked out three of the best western conference teams in 5 games and beat the Heat to win the 2020 NBA championship. the article also spoke on how LeBron is still preforming his best and putting up MVP player stats with the help of Anthony Davis being one of the best big men in the league as well the role players that helped win the championship.  In a survey taken by Morton East Students/Cicero residents questioning which was the best team in the NBA 21 out of the 39 choose the Los Angeles Lakers as the best team last year.

“I don’t really like how the Lakers play but they won the championship pretty easily so yea they were the best team last year” said Victor O.

Coming in second place Milwaukee Bucks they had the best record in the league going 56-17 looked very promising with Giannis dominating the court 2020 is the same year he got most valuable player so expectations for the bucks were very high

“the bubble made last season terrible the bucks would beat the Lakers if they matched up in the playoffs that season” said Roberto P Morton East student.

third place we have the Los Angeles Clippers they came out second in the western conference regular season. Several injuries on the court and the team chemistry ultimately lead the clippers to their downfall in the playoff.

“I thought the nuggets had a chance but LeBron and AD had one of there best seasons for sure and all the other teams that had a chance there players were injured so the lakers didn’t go against them” Miguel I Cicero resident.

fourth and last place goes to the Toronto Raptors after they ended up winning the 2019 playoffs but lost several main players the 2020 NBA season but still ending up in a good spot that year due to the growth of the players.