Top AFC and NFC teams chosen by Morton students


Morton East Senior Damien Miramontes watches Bears vs Chiefs.

The Chicago Bears from the NFC and  Kansas City Chiefs from the AFC were the most popular teams of last year for Morton East.

In a random survey of 63 Morton East Students, 36 voted for Chicago Bears and 18 Voted for Kansas City Chiefs. According to the athletic article ” Why Patrick Mahomes has made Kansas city must-see tv” by Bill Shea. Originally the Chiefs were already a popular team with all their loyal fans to the team. but with addition to Patrick Mahomes and winning a Super Bowl last year vs the 49ers their popularity keeps growing. ” Viewership gutted by the pandemic and presidential election chaos. Yet the Chiefs are on, and the first week vs the Texans had over 20 million viewers for the game” overtime the Chiefs popularity will grow with the amount of talent on the team and what many people say the next big thing in NFL Patrick Mahomes. with great power comes great responsibility. According to the bleacher article “The Bears are popular” by Brett Taylor. When the Chicago Bears are good and competitive, a lotta fans want to watch them play. For the Bears’ Thursday Night Football win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was up 22% over last year and by seeing this it was a huge raise.  17.4 million Viewers across FOX and NFL Network, Bears-Bucs was the 9th watched game of these season. ” This shouldn’t shock anyone, as the Bears do have a very large, passionate fan base that is perennially desperate for any reason to believe the team might be competitive.” Bears fans are very loyal to their team even though it was rough half way in the season with Mitch Trubisky in the bench and Nick Foles as the starting QB, even though Foles made the team lose hope for a chance in the playoffs the Bears fans still had hope. In a random survey of 60 Morton East High School they chose that the best tea in the NFC last year was the bears and AFC was the Chiefs.

“Bears are a good team, we have a good defense but on offense there needs some work such as the o-line, receivers, and offensive coordinator to call plays that they need to win the game but overall it’s a decent team they have a chance in the playoffs but not in the super bowl”. Morton East Senior, Miguel Espino said.

The Chicago Bears have a chance to reach the playoffs but still have to work on the offense, they have the elements to be a strong team on the NFC North division.

“Chiefs are a really good team as well since they picked up Patrick Mahomes, and boy does he have an arm and on defense is almost just like the Bears but better. They are able to stop teams from running and throwing the ball”. Morton East Senior, Miguel Espino.

Kansas City Chiefs are on the road looking for their 3rd Super Bowl, their team has been on a good pace with Patrick Mahomes playing great. The defense has been putting up the team opponents for the wins, and now they’re on a steady pace to clinch the Super Bowl.

“The Bears did alright this season, their offense is weak but their defense is good. I believe they need a better quarterback, better offense line, and a better coaching system”. Morton East Senior, Ramiro Zarco said.

The Bears might have to do more cleaning than expected, mainly on the offense. Since their coach Matt Nagy failed to pass the Bears from Wild card round for 3 straight years.

“The Chiefs are a great team and came this far in the season and I think they have a chance at reaching the Super Bowl. They have one of the best offenses in the league probably one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all time and they have won the Super Bowl 2020.” Morton East Senior, Ramiro Zarco said.

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best Quarterbacks playing right now, and for the Chiefs to be on the road to achieving their 3rd Super Bowl.  They have a promising Quarterback to win them another one.