Will draft pick 4 pay off for Chicago Bulls?

Victor Enriquez, Alexa Rocel, and Marco Garcia

What Does The Number 4 Draft Pick Mean For The Chicago Bulls?

This year’s NBA season has been unique, to say the least. However, the NBA draft continued as usual. Due to the poor record of the Bulls this season they were able to receive the 4th pick in this year’s draft. With a pick this high and a roster full of young athletes filled with potential, this is an awesome opportunity for the Bulls.

In “The Importance of Having a High NBA Draft Pick,” writer Konstantinos Balafas states “high draft picks tend to be good players” which leads to a more successful team. Balafas also recognizes there are some standout players such as the league’s reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.  According to “Who Were the 14 Players Chosen Before Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA Draft?” by Andrew Martin, Giannis was a lottery ticket that paid off. This shows star players and busts can come from a pick. In a random survey of 15 at a suburban basketball session, 10 out of the 15 agreed that this pick will help the Bulls record improve a lot next season.

”I think with this pick the Bulls can finally make a comeback,” said Morton high school student Yvette Martinez.

This draft pick is bringing hope to the Chicago Bulls fans across Illinois.

“The Bulls have consistently had lottery picks but yet have not made any significant roster moves. We have enough young players, but we’ve yet to sign any veteran players with leadership and experience,” Unity high teacher Krista Klosak said.

As you can see, fans are also frustrated by the Chicago Bulls’ lack of experience.

“Bulls legend Michael Jordan (was gotten) at pick number 3 which is one number shy of this year’s pick. But, the  Bulls have also taken Eddy Curry and Marcus Fizer at the number 4th pick in the past who, although good players,  did nothing significant for the Bulls Organization,” said Morton East high school student Josh Esquivel.