COD Warzone wins videogame wars at East

Ozziel Fernandez and Michael Moreno

“Call of Duty: Warzone” is East’s favorite video game of the year.

According to Fossbyte’s, “10 most popular video games in 2020 you can play right away”, by Shivam Gulati, due to covid, people this year played more videogames than ever which made “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” the number one pick of the year; it was played by millions of people, and the best news is that it is free to play. Earlier in the year, Activision added a new mode to Call of Duty gaming — called “war zone.”  You can play this type of game with your friends:   solo, duos. trios. or quads. Currently, fans continue to play, and warzone continues to be one of the top games chosen by console players.   In a random survey of 30 students, “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty: Warzone”, and “Fall Guys” were the most popular video games among the gaming community, with COD Warzone getting the most votes.

“My favorite console game of this year was ‘COD Modern Warfare’ because there was so much adrenaline and fun whenever I played; the game is so popular, who doesn’t like Warzone?” senior Adrian Rodriguez said.

Other students enjoy lifelike graphics.

“’Need for Heat” (was my favorite) because the graphics look real, you could race with other players, and it’s full of racing experience,” senior Miguel Espino said.

While others prefer sports.

“My favorite game was FIFA 20. I really liked how the game was developed with more realistic features, and how real the players looked. I also enjoyed winning against you lol,” senior Chris Barajas said.

Because, really, it’s all about hanging out with friends.

“NBA 2K21 was my favorite game this year because like previous NBA 2k games, all I did was play with bois all day grinding it. And, when we lose we just start to argue and scream a lot. Good times,” senior Alex Castro said.

Other students like the thrill of a good mystery.

“Among Us’ is my favorite game to play. It’s on mobile and pc.  I play it on mobile because it’s free to play, and I really like it because it’s a mystery game in which you need to find the impostor.  You can play with 10 players. I always play with my friends and it’s so much fun,” senior Ruth Nava said.

Even the teachers at Morton East are gamers.

“’Rocket League’ is one of my favorite games to play on my PS4.  (Though) I only played it a few times, I really enjoyed playing it the few times I did,”civics teacher Sofia Sandoval stated.