Student fans are satisfied with sports return, but scared

Angel Gutierrez, Angel Gutierrez 0 hour

Many Morton East sports fans are satisfied that their favorite sports teams can safely return to compete, but some think not enough is being done to keep players free from COVID-19.

COVID is still something to worry about even if people think it’s no longer a problem according to The NBA has the finals ended on 10/11/2020 and 0 people tested positive out of 1,500 players, staff, and coaches, according to LA Times. The NBA created a bubble in Orlando, Florida to protect all players and staff involved.  There were only two months of games, and everything was sterilized — from the ball to the referee’s whistle stated the Washington Post.   Even the food cooks had middlemen to practice social distancing; they basically passed the food down like “hot potato.”  NBA players were only able to stay there; if they left they weren’t welcomed back.  But, in a random survey of 30 Morton East students, nine students said they didn’t think the NBA were taking enough precautions.

“They have done a good job taking care and re-enforcing the rules by adding fines to players who refuse,” senior Alex Gomez said.

Another student disagreed and some students thought weren’t taking enough precautions.

“I think they are doing it wrong, why would they let people go to the games, they are crazy,” senior Samantha Gomez said.

As well this other student brought up a good point.

“I think it’s nice how sports companies are trying to keep the spirit of the game alive while in a pandemic but it’s also kinda messed up how the company’s only care about the players doing their jobs and not consider how separating them from their families affect their mental health,” senior Tony Hernandez said.

As well teachers from Morton East wanted to gave out input on this situation.

“We need a vaccine. Until we have a vaccine, people need to follow instructions from the CDC. They should wear masks and socially distance. We need contact tracing. Because many people do not follow the guidelines set out by the CDC, I do not think we are doing a good job,” English Teacher Mr. Bays said.