FC Barcelona had a presidential crisis, then Bartomeu resigned


Me watching a Barcelona game highlights.

Andres Carrasco, reporter

FC Barcelona fans got Bartomeu out.

According to the New York Times, Barcelona fans have started a campaign to out Josep Maria Bartomeu from FC Barcelona.  Barcelona fans in Spain need to gather around 18,000 signatures in order to out the president. Barcelona fans have grown tired of Bartomeus’s lack of vision with the club. Bartomeu has made a lot of weird decisions in the past which have left the Barca fans questioning him. In a random survey of 63 students, 35 thought Bartomeu hasn’t done a good job at Barcelona thus far. 

“He hasn’t really been able to keep things in order lately. Neymar had problems with him a few tears ago. There was Messi’s tirade to the board, and also the leaving of Luis Suarez to Athletico Madrid. Recently, he is trying to cut the players salary by 30%,” Morton East soccer coach Jim Bageanis said.   

 Bartomeu has also refused to call elections before, and face his own mistakes.

“It really doesn’t matter though. He has to be out in 2021 anyway, and can’t run for president again anyway. The club election will be in March. So by the time they get him out, it will be time for him to go anyway,” Morton East soccer coach Jim Bageanis said. 

 Bartomeu has also completely lost the trust of the fans, with random signings and incredibly large wage bills. 

 “He has definitely angered the fan base. Unfortunately for him, the fans are the ones you must keep happy. They buy the tickets, jerseys, and anything with the team’s logo on it. They are the ones that allow you to pay player’s salaries. I think once he is gone the fans will be back once everything calms down with a new president,” Morton East soccer coach Jim Bageanis said. 

Bartomeu has also gotten some outsiders questioning his decisions. 

 “El Barcelona esta bien mal, el president tiene a todos bien mal y anda aurinando el club,” my step dad Julian Moctezuma said.