Morton’s fall sports round-up: wins vs. losses, fan favorites


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Morton soccer player making moves for the win.

Kevyn Sanchez, Alon Martinez, and Jose Macias

Morton’s soccer team currently has the most wins this fall sports season.   And, the girl Mustangs seem to be getting the most wins this season.  But, it’s still football that is the fan-favorite here at Morton. 

In a random survey of 202 Morton East students, 53 students said that their favorite sport was football; girls volleyball landed in second place with 45 votes and soccer in third with 38 votes.  There are eight sports currently in play this fall at Morton High School:  boys- golf, cross country, football and soccer, and girls- volleyball, tennis, swimming and cross country.

Boys soccer has the most wins so far with 14 wins, only 2 losses and 2 ties.  The girls’ tennis team is also doing pretty good this year with 10 wins and only 3 losses.  Girls cross country has 4 wins in conference with only 1 loss so far — coming in 2nd at two huge invitationals.   Following are the current standings for each of the fall sports:

  • Boys golf sport has 2 wins and 4 losses in conference, with 4 wins and 6 losses overall. 
  • Boys cross country won the RB invitational, placed 4th out of 34 at the Loyola Lakefront Invitational and 24th out of 47 at the First to Finish Invitational.
  • Boys football has 0 wins and 6 losses.  
  • Boys soccer sport has 14 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties.  
  • Girls volleyball team has 10 wins and 11 losses.  
  • Girls tennis team has 10 wins and 3 losses.  
  • Girls cross country has 4 wins in the conference with 1 loss;  the team placed 2nd out of 15 teams at the Argo Invitational and 2nd out of 12 teams at the Elmwood Park Invitational.
  • Girls swimming has ___ wins and ___ losses.  (Stats to come — we’re waiting for the waves to settle!)

Way to go, Mustangs!  We support you — no matter what!