Morton football participation sees no decrease


Courtesy of Jesse Zambrano

Mustang varsity tackles for the take down.

Samuel Vega, Jesse Zambrano, and Jose Gonzalez

At a time when many high school football teams are seeing a decrease in participation, Morton’s football team still has good participation.

In a random survey of 132 students, 94 students have been to a Morton football game while 38 haven’t.

Is Morton the Morton football team raising or dropping in participation this year. If so why?

Chicago tribune had confirmed that football participation hits 26-year low as other sports grow. High school football participation in Illinois last year dipped below 40,000 players for the 1st time since 1993”.it’s a sign of the sport struggling to attack athlete. Back in 2007, there were 51,334 players; last year, there were only 38,566 players in Illinois. That’s a 25 percent drop in participation. Even the national federation of high school Association show a dipped for football by 8%. In a survey, we asked the student if they ever been in Morton football game. 

 But, that’s not the case for Morton’s team; attendance has not decreased.

“Morton has not dropped the number of participating this year than last year,” Mr. Brown said

Injuries can keep you off the team. There are computerized tests that tell whether a student has a concussion.

“They have a good training staff. Injured players are put into a practical impact testing where they took the test before the season started and when they do get a concussion, they take the test again. If the score is worse than the previous score their concussed.” Mr. Brown said.

Oddly, transportation to practice is a factor in determining who joins the team. 

 “More West kids participate in the sport than east because it’s hard for East kids to get a ride from east to west, since fields at west, “Mr. Brown said.

Morton had lots of kids participate for football this year.

“The number of kids playing could be around the 197,” Mr. Brown said.

Equipment like helmets and pads are used by football players to keep them safe from injuries

“The equipment is updated every year,” athletic commissioner Ms. Cynthia O’Boyle said.