Star Wars Stormtroopers will be out this Halloween


Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

Stormtrooper costumes -- especially for women -- may very well be this year's most popular costume.

Adrian Nava and Sebastian Guzman

What is the best Halloween costume in 2018? 

According to the best costume on Amazon is Rubie’s Women’s Star Wars Stormtrooper costume which is $40.94. According to, they gathered up all the data from each state in which costume the people were most interested in. About 43 states had all the same interest in the popular game Fortnite in which they could dress up as their favorite character. Fortnite is the most popular game now — not only for kids, but adults also play the game so that makes the costumes sell more. Fortnite gained 80 million players from January to June. The total spending this Halloween will reach $9 billion with the average being $86.79 on decorations, candy, costumes and more. 

“Every kid will want to be their favorite Fortnite character this Halloween because that’s how much they love the game,” Alexander Corona Senior at Morton East said. 

Kids that don’t play Fortnite will probably dress as their favorite superhero. 

“I feel like the best costume this Halloween will be super hero’s because kids love the movies and a movie barely came out which is Infinity War,” Juan Salgado senior at Morton East said. 

People’s opinions might be because of how popular or the success something has.  

“Fortnite has been the most popular game for a whole year so that will be the best costumes this year’s Halloween,” Angel Baez senior at Morton East said.