Cicero Haunts: Is that a ghost I saw on Cermak?


St. George’s Cathedral in Cicero is supposedly haunted.

This is the outside of the St George Orthodox Church

There are rumors of ghost sightings around Cicero and near Cicero.  Here are some of them: 

Morton East, according to sources, spirits do haunt the school. Former teacher George Drew said that it haunts on East’s auditorium. George Drew was found at home dead and missed opening night of the West Side Story which he had directed. In fact, in 1970 a man died working backstage on rail line, there also rumors saying that students committed suicide during a performance of “Romeo and Juliet” in the auditorium. 

Also, St George Orthodox Church, in 1994 during holy week, the painting of the Virgin Mary started moving. It began weeping oil which made everyone wonder what was happening.  

Firehouse on north walker Ave, witnesses say they have heard footsteps and seen the firepole covers being opened and closed when everyone sleeps, the doors also open themselves almost instantly after the bell fire rings, even though no one has reached them yet to open them. 

Lastly, at Morton College, a young girl named Emily was murdered around the school. The scene took place nearby Laramie Bridge before Morton college was built. Security guards had seen Emily on the rooftop at night, and theatergoers heard her in the theater, especially during violent plays that contain murder scenes.  

 “I heard about someone dying at Morton East High School,” junior Mariel Morales said.   

 Some people have heard stories about haunting but are unclear, meanwhile, others have experienced something haunting in Cicero.    

 “Yeah the attic in my house when I moved in and we would wake up with everything all over the place and my dad thought it was my siblings and I but then he saw us sleeping and noticed it wasn’t us,” said senior Alex Velasco.  

 While some people have experienced something paranormal, other people are afraid to encounter something out of the normal. 

 “No not yet I haven’t, and I do not want to,” said Lorena, a staff member from Morton East.