Chinese Medicine, Pain for Gain

Yessica Martinez Castillo, Reporter

“AS PAINFUL AS IT LOOKS”… says Senior (Right) Alan Perez to Senior (Left) Emanuel Veloz, as he uses an air pump and suction cups on his back, other participants saying it’s not that bad. As an at-school project done by students of the AP Chinese class, students were given a choice of having consent forms signed to get some in-person learning about Chinese Medicine. Chinese Cupping Therapy is a form of Chinese medicine used around the world, with benefits ranging between spiritual and physical. Sucking the cold air out of your body to rejuvenate yourself, as well as moving muscle building and recovery along. One of the most famous examples is decorated Olympian Micheal F. Phelps, who went viral online, for the Cupping Therapy marks left on his body during his competitions. Find out more about Cupping Therapy and its benefits on SPORTS ILLUSTRATED –

“It just feels like a light pinch and then it just feels stiff,” says Senior, Yessica Martinez Castillo. (Yessica Martinez Castillo)