A dogs’s life of leisure

Stephanie Romo Avila , Stephanie Romo Avila

What can we say, Dogs are humans best friends! And here I brought the audience 5 different pictures of 3 different animals. I will include Pitbulls, Maltese, and American cocker spaniel. These Dogs are thesweet est animals on the planet. In the net pictures you will see them run, jump, seated for food, and taking care of their pups! (Bruno, a 7 year old) Here we have Luna, she is about 8 months old, she was jumping. Trying to stand up for the picture but in reality trying to play around and bite. 

Here is Buffy(7 year old), as you can tell he is trying to be well behaved to get fed at least a tortilla since his owners are seated and eating.

Here we have Rocky! He is about 3-4 months. Playing fetch with his owner outside! Very energetic pup! 

Here we have Manchita, a 3 year old dog that gave birth recently and is being very nurturing to her puppies! She gave birth to 6 puppies!