Photo Essay: Nuevo Vallarta Vacation

From Chicago’s O’Hare to Jalisco’s Puerto Vallarta’s airport, the sun can be seen setting along with fluffy clouds near the plane and fog-like clouds in the back. with only 2% in her phone, Joselin decides to use the last of her battery to take pictures of the outside view of the plane for her boyfriend who has never gone on one.


Hotel Riu Jalisco, an all inclusive hotel with 4 restaurants to choose from, from Mexican, to Italian food. Two pools, and a 2 minute walk to the beach.


Joselin poses in front of so called “Neon Party” in the hotel she was staying at after she was forced to by her mom. Shortly after, Joselin and her mom decided to get their face painted with neon colors so they can go along with the theme.


UP THEN DOWN. Sunny morning with no sunscreen, Joselin and her dad rode horses for thirty minutes down the beach, at times going faster than expected. Joselin would have to hold on tightly to the horse’s big horn so to not fall, she had to jump with the horse to avoid injury, and she had to press down with her feet on to the stirrup to prevent slipping. It was no surprise, the next day, she was sore, arms, back, and legs.


TWO BEST FRIENDS HANGING OUT. Joselin sat Hope (care bear) and Vian (BAB monkey) on a plastic chair to take a memorable picture of their first trip out of the country. After the picture was taken, Hope and Vian were taken inside to one of the three beds to be tucked in bed as it was still morning, with the sun rising.