Photo essay: Morton East Photography projects

David Salas, Reporter

Abstract project:
The photo is a close up of smoke fuming from an incense abstract photo may seem a little confusing and random. However, once you understand what “abstraction” does, you’ll realize that a lot of subtraction actually goes into the process. Distracting and useless elements that don’t trigger emotions and may confuse viewers are eliminated from the image, especially since what is included in the image won’t be easily recognizable.
AP credit project:
In order to earn the college credit, you must show step by step on how you ended up with the final result. Every step needs a photo and description of what you’re doing at minimum there should be 15 photos, after looked over the college board will decide what number grade you deserve based on what you turn in at the end of the year. This is one of my final photos taken in a lonely tunnel of Chicago later then taken into an editing software to make the image pop more.
Photo manipulation project:
This photo was taken in the dim and then edited on a software in order to make it seem worn down and beat up. I was able to manipulate the photo to make it seem like the it was shot years ago, manipulation involves the transformation or alteration of a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Some photograph manipulations are considered to be skillful artwork, especially when used to deceive the eye.