Photo essay: Auto Mechanics

Senior students Joel Gallegos and Nelson Cano, fixing a motor in Mechanics class. Fixing these motors will later on be used on a vehicle that needs it. Motors are really important which is why it takes time to repair them.
In this tool box we keep all of our stuff that will be needed to fix vehicle parts or other mechanical things. This is only one part of other tool boxes. We have a lot more tools to display but for now these tools will be what we need for specific things like motors.
These are vehicles that are going to be repaired. When repairing a vehicle you always have to know what the problem is. Repairing a vehicle takes time because the car needs to be fixed correctly. Once it has been repaired the vehicle can be picked up by the person that asked for it to be repaired.
Rows of engines waiting to be fixed. Every engine will have to be looked at properly because there is a lot that goes into a motor. With proper care, any motor can be made like new.
The mechanics teacher Mr. Yunker is teaching his students more about the importance of vehicle parts. Learning everything about a vehicles parts is important when thinking of repairing them because you want to make sure you repair it correctly.