Students bummed about pandemic high school experience

Heidimar Basurto-Garcia, Reporter

The majority of students at East think the pandemic has “ruined” their high school experience –never to be gotten back.

According to “Back to High School After Missing So Much” from The New York Times, Students prefer being in person than being in remote:

“Mr. Johnston said as he stood in a hallway intersection directing students to classrooms — many had forgotten how to navigate the building, “I’m still a little nervous. At the same time, it’s exhilarating.””

Seniors in high school missed so much of their high school experience. Students missed interacting with other students. “It is a completely wild experience.”   In a random survey of 93 Morton East students, 53 students said the pandemic ruined their high school experience.

“I believe the pandemic ruined our high school experience because now as a senior I feel like I didn’t get much time to know what that high school life is like the others,” Senior Stephanie Lucero said.

In addition, students wanted to experience high school as seen on the movies and not across a laptops screen.

“Yes, in the way that it was difficult to adapt and get to connect with my teachers and learn as much as possible, but in a way no because I was in the comfort of my own home and I felt more comfortable to write down notes,” Senior Evelyn Dominguez said.

To sum it up, the pandemic was a big hit on high schoolers school experience.