Christmas favored at East

Antonio Guerrero, Jason Salas, and Juan Jiminez

Christmas is Morton East’s favorite holiday of the year, according to a recent survey. 

In a random survey of 100 MEHS students, 62 picked Christmas as their favorite holiday.  This matches with a recent Harris Poll conducted in New York, as well.  According to them, Christmas is the overall favorite holiday with 46 percent of the votes; Thanksgiving comes in second place with 19 percent, followed by Halloween with 9 percent, Fourth of July with 5 percent and Easter with 3 percent.   

“(It’s my favorite) because I like giving gifts and seeing family,” dean Mr. Depa said.   

Another dean agrees. 

“Christmas (is the best) because it’s a time to spend time with your family, and I love the Latino tradition with the food they make, plus the decorations,”  dean Ms. Gonzalez said.   

The second most popular holiday at Morton East is Thanksgiving with 17 students pickeing it out of the 100 surveyed.   

“I love Thanksgiving because I spend time with family and I love the food my family makes,” senior Jason Salas said.